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July 10-15, 2016

Outings Reminder

You can now pay your dues On-line

We have set up a link to the club PayPal account to let you pay your dues On-Line.
Go Here to pay dues Online

Tyee Oil Tank

Tyee Lodge is open as usual this winter!

Late this fall we discovered the underground heating oil tank was leaking. All heating oil has been removed from the underground tank and moved to two outside above ground temporary tanks on the east end of the lodge. These tanks contain approximately 500 gallons of oil which should take us through a normal snow season. The furnace will operate as usual so this should have little impact on winter activities.

We need to ask winter users to do a simple check approximately once per day while operating the furnace this winter. When the oil transfer was made, some sediment was picked up and the furnace oil filter became clogged and had to be changed.
Please perform the following procedure:

  • The furnace is located in the basement behind a metal door at the bottom of the stairs. Turn on the ceiling light outside this door and open it.
  • There is another light located on the ceiling inside the furnace room so please turn it on too.
  • When the furnace is running, check the fuel oil pressure gauge to make sure the needle is not in the red colored zone.
  • This gauge is located low on the furnace on the right side. If the needle is in the white zone, turn off the lights, close the door and enjoy the day. If the needle is in the red zone, the furnace oil filter will require changing.
  • The procedure for changing the filter is located on a piece of paper inside the furnace room near the gauge and in the lodge procedures book in the kitchen.

Richard Gaunt / Chaz Shaw

Update 12/20/15
Work to excavate the oil tank was not done. The USFS withdrew permission because of unusally heavy rain. Snow at the end of the week and during the past week has just about assured that this work wuill not be done until spring, unless we hit an unusally warm dry spell this winter.

Giant Kudos to Chaz Shaw, who stepped in early as the Tyee chair and has been spear-heading solutions to the problem. Also Many thanks to Richard Gaunt, who has taken over when Chaz needed to be gone. This has been a very urgent and complex issue involving the Contractor, USFS, Oregon DEQ. Richard and Chaz have done an excellet job of making this happen .

Tyee Lodge Lock Change

Tyee Lodge locks have been completely re-keyed. The old 200 series keys will no longer open the lodge. I will be handing out new key’s at the annual meeting. If you are ubnable to attend the meeting, or need access to Tyee before then contact me and I will arrange to get you a key.

If you would like me to mail you your key, please Send an me an e-mail with your mailing address. We have it in our records but I want to make sure I am sending it to a current address.

Chaz Shaw
Acting Tyee Lodge Chair

TCO Web Project

We are looking for some club members that can help us update our web site. We are looking for people with experience building a web site using WordPress. If you have some skills and are willing to volunteer some time please contact me at webmaster@trailsclub.org and I will get more details to you.
Randy Dietrich
Publications Chair

Construction on Hwy 26 on Mt. Hood

Work on this project continues beyond the original end date of Oct. 31, 2015
Details available at www.US26MtHoodSafety.org.

Electronic Blazers

Switching from paper to getting the Blazer by e-mail is not only green, it helps save our club money. To make the switch, please send an e-mail to membership@trailsclub.org .
Please include your name and a request to switch to electronic (start by clicking the link).

Nesika Road Status

The road was clear of downed trees in late November (2015) and was passable at that time. But we have had some major storms since then and there will be no more work done on the road until spring.

The road to Nesika is considered closed for the winter months. The road can be very slippery when it is wet and just plain dangerous if there is any ice present. We recommend that members do not travel the road into Nesika below the green gate duirng the wet and cold winter months unless conditions are unusually dry and warm.

Reminder: Access is from Larch Mt. Road only due to impassable damage to lower Palmer mill road.

Parking Saftey Reminder

We advise hikers, Skiiers, abnd Snowshoers to carefully secure their cars while parking at our Park and Ride locations and at trailheads before hikes. Leave your car empty looking and uninviting.
Submitted by: Trips Committee Chair


July 10-15, 2016

We will stay at Naturebridge on beautiful Crescent Lake in the Olympic National Park.
Details here


The Board has reaffirmed the Trails Club policy that all outings must be approved by the Trips Committee before they are published on the website or in the Blazer. Outings are defined as any multi-day trip except for backpack or bicycle trips, which are approved by the individual activity committees within the Trips Committee. Please contact Susan Saul at (360) 892-5643 or sunr1s3cr33k@gmail.com regarding your outing proposal.

See the Outings Page for Outings policies and forms

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