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June 2014

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Strawberry Mt Outing
Aug 29 - Sep 4, 2014

Alpine Outing 2014
Aug 2014

Nominating Committee Report

The Nominating Committee has been completed the selection recommendations for the following offices to start in 2015:

Vice President - Joe Reitz
Treasurer - Cynthia Lee
Trips - Ron Silvis
Publications - Randy Dietrich

Wednesday Evening hike Coordinator

TCO needs a Wednesday evening hike coordinator. If you are interested in facilitating these weekly treks in Forest Park in 2015 (or earlier), please contact Jeff Lawton at TrailsClubTrips@gmail.com

Construction on Hwy 26 on Mt. Hood

Work has begun on the U.S. 26 Mt. Hood Safety Project. Work on the rock slopes require placing a temporary concrete barrier along a 1.5-mile section of U.S. 26. The contractor expects to place the barrier late June or early July of 2014. This means there will be just one single lane open in each direction around-the-clock until Oct. 31, 2015 along this 1.5-mile stretch.
Details available at www.US26MtHoodSafety.org.

Labor Day Celebration at Nesika

Mark your calendars for Labor Day Aug 30 - Sept 1 Labor Day Celebration at Nesika. Potluck on Saturday Aug 30th. Nancy Overpeck will cook on Sunday.
Contact Nancy Overpeck 360-573-6878 or overpeck@wa-net.com if you would be willing to help in any way.

Hike & Dine Hike Leaders

We're planning weekend "Hike and Dines" for Tyee Lodge in July, August, September and October. We need hike leaders to lead "A" and "B" hikes on these weekends.
Can you lead? E-mail Jeff Lawton at trailsclubtrips@trailsclub.org
or Barb Jones at Barbjones50@hotmail.com if you can lead on any of these dates:

July 19-20
August 16-17
Sep 20-21
Oct 18-19

Adventures in Travel

The Social Committee needs new travel adventure programs and speakers starting in October. Please contact Barbara Jones, SocialChair@trailsclub.org or call 503-829-6424 if your would like to participate.

Tyee Cooks

Love to Cook? We need you!

Tyee Lodge Work Parties need cooks. Share your talents with others while enjoying being part of the group during the summer and fall work parties. We appreciate our cooks! Dates available are June 21-22, July 12-13, Aug. 9-10, Sept. 13-14. (Oct 11-12 is already taken).
To sign up or for more details, contact Callista Snively, Tyee Lodge Trustee at tyeelodge1@gmail.com or 503-330-7344.


Our club now has three ways to advertise trips. We can post trips on our web site, in the Blazer, and on the Meetup site. Meetups are optional, and the event host posts the event on Meetup themselves. If you want to post Meetups, please contact me, Jeff Lawton, at trips@trailsclub.org or trailsclubtrips@gmail.com. If you need help posting a trip, I am happy to assist.

Our Meetup is now six months old and has 375 members, as of this writing. Many of these Meetup members had never heard of the Trails Club before. Hosting or attending a Meetup is a great way to get to know them and introduce good prospects to the club.

Electronic Blazers

Switching from paper to getting the Blazer by e-mail is not only green, it helps save our club money. To make the switch, please send an e-mail to membership@trailsclub.org .
Please include your name and a request to switch to electronic (start by clicking the link).

Nesika Road Status

The road to Nesika is currently Open.

The repair at Multnomah creek is complete. The road should remain open for the forseeable future.

Reminder: Access is from Larch Mt. Road only due to impassable damage to lower Palmer mill road.

See a full report here.

Parking Saftey Reminder

We advise hikers, Skiiers, abnd Snowshoers to carefully secure their cars while parking at our Park and Ride locations and at trailheads before hikes. Leave your car empty looking and uninviting.
Submitted by: Trips Committee Chair


The Board has reaffirmed the Trails Club policy that all outings must be approved by the Trips Committee before they are published on the website or in the Blazer. Outings are defined as any multi-day trip except for backpack, bicycle or kayak trips, which are approved by the individual activity committees within the Trips Committee. Please contact Susan Saul at (360) 892-5643 or sunr1s3cr33k@gmail.com regarding your outing proposal.

See the Outings Page for Outings policies and forms

Strawberry Mountain Outing

August 29 - September 4, 2014

We will be staying at Lake Creek Camp is family friendly.camp with many recreational activities. See details Here

2014 Alpine Outing

Aug 2-9 and Aug 9-16, 2014

The 2014 Alpine Outing will be at West Oval Lake of Washington’s Sawtooth Mountains.
There are still openings available both weeks!
See details Here

Blazer Contact Info.:

Blazer Newsletter:
Send write-ups to: Blazer at trailsclub.org
Phillip Jackson
10544 SW Windsor Ct
Tigard, OR 97223

Please use the following format:
Month Day (Day of week) Event Title - Class A,B,C
Description Text - Please include distance, elevation change, and round trip driving distance.
Do not capitalize full words, lines or sentences for emphasis
Day trip descriptions should be under 100 words.
Depart: Meeting place, with address if possible, and departure time
Leader: Name Phone and/or email.

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