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Forms for Club Use

These forms are provided to help members organize and report on club activities. Some special purpose forms may be found on activity specific pages.

All forms are available in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). These can be viewed and printed by all users with the free PDF reader. The latest free version of the PDF reader is available at the Adobe Reader webpage

Some forms are available in other formats such as Microsoft Word ® (Word) or Microsoft Excel ® (Excel). These versions of the forms may be more interactive if you have the application software to use them.

Trails Club Handbook

This is a PDF copy of the Membership Handbook. This is the club information that was printed in the directory for a couple of years.

Trails Club Handbook PDF suitable for reading electronically
Trails Club Handbook for printing PDF suitable for printing 2-sided and folded into a booklet

Trip Leader Forms

Trip leaders use the these forms to document a club sponsored hike.
The Trip Log form is used to register participants and have them sign the Recognition of Risks and Declaration of Intent.
The Trip Leader Report is used to summarize the trip. After the trip both forms and money collected should be sent to the Event Committee Chair or Club Trips Trustee.

Trip Log PDF Word
Trip Leader Report PDF Word

The following files are information for trip leaders to use to plan their trip.
Hike Information: Distance, elevation gain, and driving distance for a lot of hikes.
Leader Tips: Suggestions and tips for trip leaders. Especially helpful for new trip leaders.
Before Going With The Group: A pamhlet with club trip guidelines. Especially helpful if you are new to the Trails Club.
Leading Trips: A pamhlet for new and potential trip leaders.

Hike Informatiom PDF Word
Leader Tips PDF Word
Before Going With The Group PDF  
Leading Trips PDF  

Outings Registration Forms

Forms for outings are custom made for each outing and are available on the Outings Page. [click here]

Outings are multi-day trips that are not planned by one of the activity committees. Outings can be planned and led by any qualified member but must be run according to the Trails Club Outings Policy.

Emergency Report Forms

These forms are carried by hike leaders and used when there is an emergency on the trail.
The Emergency Rescue Request Card is used to record important information when someone goes for help.
The Emergency Contact Information Card form is information each hiker should carry in case of an emergency.

Emergency Rescue Request Card PDF
Emergency Contact Information Card PDF Word

Lodge Forms Packets

These packets are used by lodge hosts at Tyee and Nesika during social and work trip weekends. Each form packet is a set of forms for the type of event. this makes it easy for hosts to get everything they need in one download. Individual forms are available below.

Nesika Lodge
Nesika Host Packet PDF
Nesika Work Weekend Packet PDF
Tyee Lodge
Tyee Host Packet - Winter PDF
Tyee Host Packet - Summer PDF
Tyee Work Weekend Packet PDF

Lodge Forms

These forms are included in the packets above. You do not need to use these to host if you are using one of the packets above.

The Lodge Host form is used to register people and track lodge hosting fees and costs and for hosted lodge events.
The Lodge Usage Report is the report returned the club after a hosted lodge event. It provides all the information our lodge chair and treasurer needs from a lodge host.

General Lodge Forms
Lodge Host and Cook Instructions PDF  
Lodge Host Form PDF Excel (xlsx)
Lodge Usage Report PDF  
Work Trip Weekend Sign-up Sheet PDF Excel (xsl)
Tyee Forms
Tyee Winter Open and Close PDF  
Tyee Summer Open and Close PDF  
Tyee Operation PDF  
Tyee Task List PDF  
Nesika Forms
Nesika Operation PDF  
Nesika Task List PDF  
Other Lodge Forms
Lodge Key Request Form PDF  

Revenue & Disbursement Form

The Revenue & Disbursement Voucher Form is used to submit money and payment requests to the Club's treasurer. Voucher Instructions describes the process of completing the form and submitting it to the treasurer.

Voucher Form PDF Word Excel
Voucher Instructions PDF Word

Membership Forms

The Membership Application is used to apply for membership in the Tralis Club.

The Dues Notice is used to pay your dues. It is here in case you have misplaced the form mailed to you.

Membership Application PDF
Current Dues Notice PDF

Trip Mileage Award Forms

Awards are presented each year by the Trips Committee, Backpack Committee and the Bicycle Committee. These awards are in the form of patches, chevrons and plaques. Our highest awards; The High Traveler–Una Davies Award, the High Miler–Mary Lou Greene Award and the PCT All State awards are presented at the annual banquet.

The files below are the policies and application for these awards. Applications must be received no later than March 1st.

High Mileage Awards Policy PDF
High Mileage Awards Application PDF
PCT Awards Policy PDF
PCT Awards Application PDF

Ten Plus Essentials for outdoor adventures

1. whistle
2. fire starter & waterproof matches
3. map
4. knife
5. compass
6. first aid kit
7. sun protection (lip balm, sunscreen and a hat)
8. warm, extra clothing (hat, socks, gloves) - NO COTTON.
9. flashlight (with extra bulb and batteries)
10. extra food
11. rain gear (We live in the NW, not in CA).
12. Repair kits, to fix pack straps, belts, and shoelaces. (Duct tape works too)
13. Toilet paper, because it's essential.

You can also download the list here Word or PDF