"Changing of the Guard"

Thank you, Randy, for all your Support

First, let me apologize for not posting this sooner. Thanks is certainly long overdue -TW

A new year dawning and Trails Club of Oregon has a new webmaster. The transition has been seamless and without any hitch. I’m sure most Trails Club members didn’t even notice any kind of discrepancies on the website. As the former webmaster, I would like to take this opportunity in saying thank you to Terry White for taking over the job, and thank Randy for all his years of support.

When I first took over as webmaster approximately six years ago, the former webmaster was leaving town and leaving the club. Trails Club site was written with Frontpage and in order to work the site, I have to learn a new software.

Before I can do anything with the website, there was another huge problem to deal with. Thousands of spam emails were in the club email addresses and the filter system only filters out approximately 40-45% of that spam. That means approximately 300-400 emails a day and maybe 10% of that were legit. What is more troubling was the fact that the filter system would toss the legitimized emails from club members into spam and I would not see them again. The hosting company wants more money to use their upgrade filter system. I didn’t believe in handing them that kind of money even though it was club’s money, so as webmaster, the job fell on me to come up with a solution, pronto.

Former webmaster left town and Trails Club’s hosting company continues to send notifications to him occasionally. He got upset and demanded that I delete his email address or he would sue the club and me for harassment. I went around and around with the hosting company only to run into a brick wall because the last four digits of the credit card on file, or owner’s password to get into the Administrator (Owner) account to delete that notification belongs to the former webmaster. No one else has the power to get into the account or to delete the notification.

Finally, with the help of our club treasurer Bonnie Berneck and former publication director Fendall Winston, and Database Administrator Randy Dietrich we were able to convince hosting service that I’m actually the legit webmaster and establish my credentials. After lots of going back and forth, we were able to turn off the notification to the former owner. Compare to our current transition, I would say the difference were night and day.

Randy has been the Rock of Gibraltar ever since. Without Randy, we would not have the website today or the ease of indoctrinate Terry White as the new webmaster. Randy was instrumental in rewriting most of the new site using only HTML & JavaScript. He did most of the graphics. Together, we were able to write a JavaScript to block spams and crawlers, and with the new updated website, we moved our website out of XO Hosting and went with GoDaddy. That saved the club at least $150 to 200 per year.

Randy backed me up when I was planning my wedding, got married, and tromping off into New Zealand. He was here handling all the website when I was running between work, home and hospitals while my father was going through treatments. He was the rock when I was out of the country for months to Cambodia & HongKong or China. His contributions have been invaluable. Without Randy, we would not have this easy, navigable website. The information would not be as up-to-date and user friendly.

It has been a pleasure working with you, Randy, and I’m sure you will continue to be Terry’s backup systems. I appreciate all the help you have given me.

Written by: Karen Yanhs Anderson

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